Day 15::In Which I Find Old Diaries And Profess My Love For Corduroy Pants.

My days are beginning to feel like the movie ‘Groundhog Day’. I get up, make some eggs and english muffins, go into a room and sort through it, put items to give away in my garage for the sales, put items to keep down in the basement, and throw everything else away. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

The kids are great at running the stuff into the garage, basement, or trash. Golfer hasn’t kept up with making desserts…turns out he likes eating them more than he likes making them. Naturalist is going through our pantry making all the good stuff–brownies, sugar cookies, pancakes. Turns out, man can live by Nutella and brownies alone!!!

My younger (and only!) brother is here now, organizing the garage sale and putting the big stuff up on Craigslist for me. He’s such a lifesaver, because he’s also an amazing chef and so now we’re eating more than just Nutella and brownies. It’s nice to have another adult here. Hubby is working hard in Ca., and it’s such a blessing to have a paycheck AND benefits again. Nothing like getting down to double digits in your bank account to make a person grateful for a job. He’s cheering me on with texts and phone calls.

I hope to have most everything that I’m selling totally sold by Wed., and the rest donated. That will be a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! I had a couple boxes of my kids old baby clothes that I knew I didn’t need anymore but was having a hard time letting go of. It seemed perfectly reasonable to buy a whole bunch of teddy bears and then dress them all up in the baby outfits and put them all around the master bedroom, right?! I wouldn’t be the first woman to do that, I know! However, I didn’t want to give up my love life, either, and that wouldn’t fly with hubby, so I was kind of stuck. And then a local business offered to fly anything people wanted to donate to Haiti, and that is the perfect solution. I am all for giving baby clothes, even ones with such sentimental value to me, to other babies who need them. And oh, do they need them.

And now, to the meaty part of my post. I totally found my old diary from high school. It’s a lovely blue thing with a picture of a castle in some clouds and a big rainbow acros it. the only thing missing is a unicorn prancing around. And do you want to know what I was thinking on this day, in 1987? When I was 15?! Well, I can tell you that. It will be a fascinating glimpse into a young girls heart…are you ready? And I quote:

“Let me tell you something weird. At 5 tonight, I was at L.’s house, and I thought, “J. is going to come here” then I thought, “Wouldn’t it be funny if he did?” and then I thought, “But he will!” So I was sitting in a chair and in walks…J.! Coincidence? I don’t really trust coincidence. But I seriously think I’m psychic! And not just because of that! It’s happened before. J. looked really good. It makes me mad when he looks good. He especially has these baggy grey corduroy pants…”

Rawr! Nothing says sexy like baggy grey corduroy pants, right?! I still feel that way. Who doesn’t?! I’m keeping this diary handy, because it is making me laugh so hard I cry. And that’s good medicine while in the middle of this organizational hell I’m in. I bet you can’t wait to hear all about what I did on this day tomorrow, in ’87, can you?

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