Imagine 21st Century Learning…

Can you? Have you? Is it what our kids are getting in schools now?

When I pulled Naturalist out of school 5 years ago, I thought it was because there was something ‘wrong’ with her. Because the school system implied it with their (illegal) suggestions to medicate her for ‘issues’ like not paying attention, not listening, not being able emotionally to sit in a classroom. But now that I’ve watched her thrive outside a standardized classroom, I know there’s nothing wrong with her ability to learn at all. She’s a powerful thinker. But with the public school system? All kinds of wrong in all kinds of ways.

For starters, take a look at this article: Industrial Age Schools Fail Information Age Kids

and then watch this video, made by the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) addressing K-12 Technology Leadership.

There’s nothing that makes my heart flutter faster than an independent report that so perfectly aligns with unschooling. (That’s not true, pastries and chocolate get my heart going pretty fast, too…) As you listen to their suggestions on what a 21st century school ‘looks’ like, you’ll begin to notice that it already exists in homes all across the country, and it’s called ‘homeschooling’. If you’re really cool, it’s called ‘unschooling’. In fact, one woman goes so far to say schools wouldn’t be brick and mortar, but be ‘in the community’.

If you only do one thing for 5 minutes today, sit down and watch this video. If you are a public school parent then perhaps it will get you interested in changing the school’s administration to more suit your child’s needs. You can join CoSN here. And if you’re educating your kids at home, then it will be a nice pick me up for those times you wonder if you really are doing the right thing.


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