Picnic at the park, Child’s Play style!

You know what I enjoy, and I mean really really freaking LOVE, about unschooling? The chance it gives my kids and I to explore who we are as people without the fear or care of what other people think.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I used to live in fear of other people’s judgements to the point that I would prejudge myself before anyone else got the chance.

But a funny thing happens when you decide to live a life full of passion and interest…you get so filled up with happiness, what other people think doesn’t matter so much anymore. So, for instance, we have our picnic at a local park. (It’s been in the 80′s, yo! In March, yo!!)

The first thing you may notice is my son with the bunny face. It’s a mask a wonderful flickr friend, Marie, sent over to me after I kept remarking how totally awesome it was. And it is. totally. awesome. Golfer loves to wear it on walks. Or while picnicing. People don’t seem to know what to do when they see a bunny face coming at them, and I love that Golfer is totally fine with weird looks coming his way.

More hidden is Naturalist’s Cloak of Awesomeness, which is a full length black cloak with silver lining that we made last year. She wears it everywhere, and if there’s something that freaks people out more than a bunny face, it’s this cloak. She asked me one day if I ever wanted a cloak when I was her age, and I said absolutely yes. Then she asked me if I had one, and I said absolutely no! She asked why not, and I said, ‘because I never could have faced the kids at school, I cared too much about what they thought!’ I was so happy when she couldn’t understand what I meant.

Sassy is looking sideways at Golfer, as if she has no clue why he’d do something so silly as to wear a bunny mask. In reality she’s wearing her pants backwards, just like she wears all her pants. If she wears pants at all, which isn’t often. In the bag in the picture, Sassy has brought all her library books about butterflies and ladybugs. We read the ladybug book just in time for a ladybug larvae to land right on her hand! Talk about excitement!


Showing a greater maturity than I’ve seen in the past (sorry all you squished bugs, that you had to pay the price for her exuberance…) she let the larvae go on it’s way. But I can tell she regretted the fact.


And me? Well. I like to make people put on my aviators so I can take reflection shots.


I also take my red bench everywhere I go, so I can take pictures of people standing on it.


You can imagine what we must look like walking in the park…cloak of awesomeness flowing, bunny mask wearing, red bench toting, backwards pants walking group that we are.

I. love. it!