6 Trips Around the Sun!

6 trips around the sun!

Now that she’s 6, she gets her own sub sandwich which ends 12 years of me sharing mine in all kinds of different combinations.

Now that she’s 6, she can come up with entirely new categories for things. Like, when at the pool last week she divided the swimmers there into groups of “people who it’s OK to see Mom’s boobs” and “people who it’s not OK to see Mom’s boobs.” It was OK for the girls and ladies to, NOT OK for the boys and dudes…something she announced very loudly when a poor man walked by to her loud “It is NOT OK for that man to see your boobs, mom, right?” I have no idea what goes on in that head of hers, but I have a feeling I have much more humiliation in store for me in Sassy’s 6th year here.

She still does not like for food to have parties in her tummy.

Her hair still tangles like nothing I’ve ever seen. She’s happy with the bob haircut–minimal brushing and tangling.

We’re off to hold the mother of all birthday celebrations today, you can join in by doing something amazing and fun in your own way!

Here’s what 5 trips around the sun looked like.
Here’s what 4 trips around the sun looked like.

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