52 Weeks To A Freeplaylife: Week 3

Another week, another challenge! Are you ready?! The goal: creating a life for ourselves and our families in which we are playful, energized, present, engaged, joyful, and not stressed the fuck out all the time. How we’re going to get there: completing a challenge every week, one week at a time. Here’s the exciting part, bitches…as long as you keep on keeping on with this, I am going to have a super awesome give away at the end of every month. That means THIS WEEK will be the give away! I’ll have more on that tomorrow, because I’m behind a week and actually forgot this week is the end of January…I thought I had more time. heh heh. oops. Anyway, I’ll let you know more about that…pardon my dust…

Once these challenges are issued there is no stop date…the specific week lasts 7 days before we move on to another one…but please feel free to continue to work on the challenges simultaneously. Like you would eat a layered cake…just dive in! Eventually we’ll have a 52 layered emotional chocolate cake of awesome to feast on!

Some challenges you will love. Others you will hate. Some will be easy and fun, others will be emotional and hard. Send me candy and love notes when you love what you’re doing for the week. And feel free to throw a temper tantrum and push pins into a voodoo doll on the weeks that you hate what you’re doing…as long as you do it! Just humor me!

The last couple challenges have asked you to really look at yourself…what do you want and need? Are you getting that? Do people really see who you are? Do you see yourself? This week is no different. The foundations of a freeplaylife are built around you, so you need to be crystal clear about who you authentically are. This is a tall order! So let’s get digging!

This week I’d like you to:

Become your own archaeologist!

Here’s how you will do this. Using Pinterest, I want you to create a visual timeline of your life. Where did you start? And then what happened? And then what? And what was after that? How old were you when you rode a bike for the first time? Had your first kiss? Got into really big trouble? Moved to a new hometown? Traveled out of the country? Where have you been? What was your first concert? And where are you now?

This is going to be all about you, bitches! Incidentally, I named my pinterest category “It’s All About Me, Bitches!” so you can sense there’s a theme here. I’ve pinned different places I’ve lived and things I’ve done in my life. A visual diary of sorts. I’m telling you, for this week’s challenge, it IS all about you. For all the times you felt selfish, narcissistic, or put down because you focused on you instead of “others”, let this be a safe place for you to dwell with yourself and see your life through your own personal lens.

this is me with the kids, schlepping them all around Jungfraujoch in Switzerland. Happy memory!!!

As you are doing this, try and relate to things as if you were an outside observer…like a historian or biographer trying to put the pieces of your puzzle together. If you have access to old boxes full of things from your childhood, spend time going through them. Take pictures of the memorabilia and pin it to your pinterest wall or post it to twitter/instagram/facebook (using the tag #fplphoto). Some memories will be great, and will probably be easy to remember. Some memories will be difficult to relive and will be harder to bring up. In those cases, take a step back and observe it from arms length. This is just a factual timeline. We’ll deal with the emotional baggage it may bring along with it later.

Pay attention to how in control you were in each event. Were the things that happened driven by you proactively, or were they reactionary dependent on someone else? Pay attention to any themes that come up, or any emotions the run like a current through your life. Piece yourself together with new fresh eyes. Learn about yourself as if you were reading a fascinating book. After all, you are the main character in the story of your life!


every time you upload a self portrait onto twitter and instagram with the tag #fplphoto, I’ll put your name into a mason jar. Every time you post a photo onto the freeplaylife facebook page, I’ll put your name into a mason jar. Everytime you tweet or facebook something about how you are doing with the weekly challenge and use the tag @freeplaylife, I’ll put your name into a mason jar! At the end of this week I’ll reach in and pull out a name and that person will get to claim the AMAZING and AWESOME give away gift. Which shall be revealed tomorrow. Because I’m kind of a slacker. But you already knew that…



  1. When I saw this on twitter, I thought “yes! a new challenge”! Also, now what I have been seeing on pinterest from you makes sense!
    I am on this challenge. Going to have to open some boxes and get dusty :)

  2. eww. i don’t think i like this one. i will put them in a file on my computer so i guess i am out for the prize! lol but there are probably some photos from periods of my life that i would not want on the internet for just anyone to find! lol. but some of people i wouldn’t want to be able to find me either. strange huh…but true. ~jen

  3. I’m late joining so just started 3 weeks in one! Already learning things about myself though.

  4. I’m in. I probably won’t post any pictures anywhere, but I am starting a board on pinterest all about ME!

  5. Melissa /

    I LOVED this assignment! My theme song is “Ladylike” by Storm Large. It’s such an empowering song, and I love her message! Thank you again for what you’re doing. I just love it!


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