52 Weeks To A Freeplaylife: Week 7!

This is the last challenge of February, and it completes the “Superhero” theme of the month. Next week will start a brand new month with a brand new theme and brand new awesome challenges…keeping the ideas that we’ve already worked with but expanding them in a different area of your life.

I’ve asked you to think about yourself as a child and build your own superhero persona because you’ll need both of them along on this journey towards a more authentic, joyful, whimsical life. The idea sounds so frivolous and easy, but it actually will be one of the more growth inducing and challenging efforts you’ll ever undertake. If it weren’t so difficult, we’d all be those things already!

Last week you created your own superhero, and I also shared a picture of my superhero tools:

These are the things that make my heart happy. Not just happy, but whole. I wholeheartedly love these things! As you can see, it doesn’t require much: a hula hoop, some hipster sunglasses, a little sparkly body glitter, long colorful socks, my Canon camera, and my chucks.

This week, think about what your superhero tools are and take a picture of them. If you’re on instagram or twitter you can tag them with #fplphoto so I can find them! If you don’t have a way to share the photo (or, take one…although it boggles my mind that not everyone has the need to take 4385048950 pictures a day like I do!) you can leave a description of your tools in the comments on the blog or on the freeplaylife facebook page!

Figuring out what your tools are can be difficult, because it requires you to have a pretty good understanding of what makes you happy and what you want in your life. Usually I’m too busy mopping floors, folding laundry (or, at least stuffing the clean stuff into piles to maybe be folded if a miracle of organization occurs before they need to be worn again), feeding hungry mouths and administering copious amounts of TLC to my kids to really have time to think about that kind of ‘self actualization’ shit. But I’m here to reinforce the idea that the best way you can fill the needs of your family is to make it a priority to fill your needs also. So as tricky as it is, take some time to think about your superhero tools: the things that you love in your life; either what you wear, listen to, eat, craft, are good at, or use as a hobby.

Don’t blow this challenge off! I know there are some of you that like to lurk along and pick and choose. And that’s cool. I’m all about saving energy and slacking off when the time is right…hitting things hard when they’re worth my time. To those of you like me, let me just say that whether you think this is worth your time or not, IT IS TOTALLY WORTH YOUR TIME. SO DO THIS ONE, BITCHES!

I’m sorry I yelled at you. I hate to yell at you. But sometimes you’re kind of stubborn and ornery. And sometimes I need to emphasize!

I’ll expand on this idea tomorrow, but in the meantime, think about your superhero tools and start compiling them in one place for a photoshoot.




  1. OK..I am confused, didn’t we do this one last week? Or was I just ahead of the game?! Let me know ;)

  2. lol i’ve started a list, my hubby even helped, but have yet to take the photo, damn i have a lot of photo catch up to do this week!


  3. I thought this was an extra thing we were suppose to do last week. I don’t think I can wait another whole week for a new challenge!!

    I’m kidding. But seriously though, does this class have extra credit?

  4. So can folks join in now, after all that ass-flashing?! :P


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