Dress You Up In My Love!

Can clothes really lead to enlightenment? Does what we wear affect how we feel? Is it possible to get tired of Madonna singing this song?

Yes, yes, and no.

Literally, maybe not. Like, clothes don’t literally take us to nirvana. Unless you’re talking about wearing these fierce pair of Steve Madden heels which manage to be both sky high AND as comfortable as sneakers. But when approached from a certain state of mind, clothes are to our outside body what fruits and veggies are to our inner body…nourishing and a real energy boost. When you are wearing something that speaks to you, like my rainbow socks do to me, then you carry that feeling with you into the rest of your day.

oh yeah.

When I decided to focus on buying/wearing things that I connect to, I notice that it really does make a difference. Especially because I need to supplement my closet with second hand store and Target items that are more functional that inspirational. But when I pair them with something I love, like my octopus necklace or favorite pair of socks, then they get elevated to a happier level. My life has been elevated to a happier level, actually, once I found a fashion sense that spoke to me.

It took me a while to get myself to my own fashion statement. Like I mentioned before, I let my mom dress me well into college. And then once I had young kids I didn’t have time to care about it, which was just fine with me since it was so intimidating anyway. So there I was, 36 years old, before I found the magical connection to loving clothes and using them as a powerful form of self expression.

Here’s the thing…it takes a strongly developed sense of self to have a really strongly developed sense of style. The beautifully fun thing is that one can lead to the other, and if getting to know yourself is a struggle then do it the other way around. Find what you like to put on yourself and you will quickly find it connects to something you learn about yourself on the inside.

Don’t get frustrated, start small. Many of you took your ass out shopping for new panties before you did all the assbooking. Perfect! Etsy has so many little trinkets to wear for between $15-25 dollars…a camera ring. An animal necklace. Symbol earrings. Cute patterned tights. Instead of freaking out about not being able to put a whole outfit together without panicking, start with a specific body part and find something for it. Cute gloves, a headband, a belt…anything! I started with a skull bikini, which was one of the first things I bought because I loved it and it spoke to me.

Bench Monday::Motley Crew Edition.

Then, the rainbow socks. Then long socks in general, which I discovered look really nice with cute shorts or a lacy flowing dress. And then it built upon itself from there. You can see the combination in most of the pins I’ve put up on pinterest. And then, a year later…BAM! My very own style. It’s just as easy to pull on a pair of leggings, long socks, and flowy dress and feel *myself* as it is to pull on sweats, a t shirt, flip flops** and feel *meh*. **not that there’s anything wrong with this, if it’s your style. LOL. I’m just saying, it’s not my style and I feel *meh* about wearing that particular ensemble!

Ask a friend whose sense of style you admire more about how they pick things out. Ask them to be a personal shopper when you go out to treat yourself to something! I realize getting a brand new wardrobe overnight is unrealistic, but start with an article at a time. And remember, pinning inspirational clothes/accessories to pinterest is totally free but just as capable at developing at ‘style’!

This challenge is about taking your life and elevating it up a notch or 10. Going from ordinary to extraordinary. You, my dear bitches are already uberextraordinary, so there’s no reason why your clothes shouldn’t be too!



  1. Today we “just ran errands” but it’s unseasonably warm so I wore a short dress, leggings and boots. It’s simply a outfit i really like. All of a sudden I noticed I was carrying myself differently than I would’ve had I been wearing one of my typical errand-running ensembles of jeans and a shirt.

    It’s not necessarily about what you wear but how you wear it. Put it on and OWN IT, bitches.

    • will you marry me? for realz? California just legalized gay marriage, you know!

      • Piscesgrrl /

        LOL – good to know I have options! Help me get my son to love it so much he wants to stay forever and then I’ll HAVE to go!

  2. That picture of your socks made me realize that I’m pretty sure every single roller skating rink in the entire country has the exactly same carpet.

  3. Leah Burke /

    I LOVE dressing my style! IT doesn’t happen every day but layers and layers and more layers are so much fun! I have one dress that I have had for over ten years. Really, Old Navy, why does that piece speak to my heart?!?! Because I can wear it in EVERY season, over a swimsuit or with jeans and three other layers in the winter. Buy a piece at a time and I agree, you start your own collection. (plus shopping second hand helps you to be individual and not put together like every other person in the mall!) I like to play “spice girls” some days I am sporty spice other days hippie spice…it’s kinda fun.

    • “spice girls” style, LOL, I’m going to try this. So the days that I am in sweats, I can at least make them badass like sporty spice. bwahahahaha <3

  4. i love this. my style is slowly evolving by sort of throwing things together…purple and orange, or lavender and teal…and not looking at it too hard. i just say “fuck it!” and walk out the door. and actually, these are the days i get complimented the most.
    btw, love the skull bikini. :)

    • I find that with the confidence of saying “fuck it” comes a certain attitude that makes anything you wear tres chic ;) I <3 lavender/teal…I have a pair of long socks with stripes that color and love them so much!

  5. Yup, love this. I have a fab little silver necklace that just has the word ‘YES’ on it. EVERY time I wear it, it starts a conversation which almost always turns out to be interesting. And I’m a total sucker for glittery eye sparkles. Always brighten things up – especially on a casual trip to the library/shops/bank….

    • I’ve just discovered glittery eye sparkles and oh yes, so great!

  6. Melissa /

    FYI, I’m bringin the hat back. Not the baseball hat, not the cute-sey hat get at forever 21, but BIG ass fancy hats. Makes me feel twirly!

    • please please please take a self portrait getting twirly with that hat on!!!! And then share it!!!!

  7. And when you dress in things that inspire you, you will be amazed by how they also inspire others… always get lots of compliments on some of my more outlandish pieces from people who love them… sadly always followed by “but I could never wear that myself” for reasons A, B and C… but my wardrobe isn’t yet nearly as outlandish as I’d like for it to be ;-)

    • if only people knew that the only thing stopping them from being cool like you is them saying they can’t be. Clothes are for everyone!

  8. I think I did the challenge a bit backward lol. Spontaneous old undies. :P The idea of my booty having better adornments led me to Ross & TJMAXX to prettify her once again. My ass thanks this mission as does my husband, but selfishly spending that 14 bucks on 8 new pairs of gorgeous and comfy undies was so, so, so wonderful and made me feel good. Graci-ASS :P

  9. Yes! Yes! Yes! I recently turned 40 and I am loving it! I have been edging towards living life on my terms (and in clothes that make ME feel gorgeous and wonderful) for sometime now but that birthday just made me explode with me-ness! I love bright colors and fanciful things. I love whimsy and pretty. I love pink and skulls. I love my style and it makes me dance more often than walk and I like that very much too!


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