The Art of the Dress Up

When I say the “art of dress up”, I don’t mean “dressing up” because that connotes getting all fancy for some fabulous affair, and how often does that happen?!

OK, actually, strike that. I totally mean dressing up. The art of dressing up where the person getting all fancy is you, and the fabulous affair is your fucking life!


If your life isn’t the most fabulous, awesome, fancy affair ever, then what is?! What more is there than life? Even as messy, loud, crazy, and stinky as it can get.

Playing dress up isn’t anything new. 2 year olds use anything and everything to wrap up in and play pretend…blankets, bubble wrap, toilet paper, the cat… 4 year olds could make every day Halloween with all the specialty dress up clothes available…princess, animal, wizard, flapper, astronaut, etc. etc. 6 year olds select quite interesting outfit choices for their school/daily life…

It gets trickier as we get older, because we’re expected to grow out of silly things like that, but our need to dress up…try new things out…doesn’t go away. And it shouldn’t! Dressing up is like trying out new possibilities. It’s a way to experience something without committing to it. A tattoo is permanent, but fishnets and high heels are just for the night! It’s also a great way to self express and embrace a kind of creativity that becomes art on our bodies. Our entire attitude can change depending on if we’re wearing something tight and restrictive versus flowy and soft.

This week’s challenge (don’t forget to set up a pinterest category for your superhero outfit(s)!) is designed to plug you back in to that free spirited, energetic, devil may care self that found it totally appropriate to go grocery shopping in a mask, witch hat, polka dotted shirt and matching (not really matching) striped pants. Or, of course, the little girl that used to eat pb&j’s in a freaking princess dress.

Sandwich eating, princess style

It’s not about image, it’s not about cost, it’s not about what other people will think, it’s not about practicality, it’s not about size or shape or weight. It’s about you, bitches. It’s about fancy and imagination and dreams and joy and feel and interest and love and pizzaz!

The world doesn’t need heroes. The world needs strong women who self express. To self express you need three things: to know your self, to know what you want to express, and then to break out of your shell and actually express it! When you do this for yourself, you can so easily support and encourage it from the people around you. This makes for amazingly awesome connections as a mom, friend, daughter, wife, and person.

Look around you. This is your life. Not what it will be if you lose 15 pounds, not what it was 5 years ago when you were happy, not next week when you get a haircut or 3 days ago when someone finally recognized something you did. Your fancy life is happening right now. Show up for it. Dress up for it! Surround yourself with happy, even in the things you wear.

Make a pinterest category for things to put on your body that inspire you.
Look in your closet and donate anything that doesn’t inspire you or give you happy feelings–even when accessorized. I guarantee that it will inspire and give happy feelings to someone else, and then you will have given a gift from something that would have gone unworn and unloved.
Look in your dresser drawers and donate anything that doesn’t scream “I’M A FUCKING SUPERHERO AND I LOVE THIS! IT’S SOOOOO ME!”. You will receive the gift of uncluttering your life and making space for something awesome.
Before you buy anything to wear, think about it. Does it match up with your dreamy pinterest wish list? Does it make you tingly inside? Does it fit in with your superhero persona? If not, pass on it and wait for that certain something to appear.

You got this!



  1. gonzomama /

    you are causing all kinds of trouble. do you know i took a curling iron to my hair today for the first time in i don’t know how long? 6 big ass curls combed out and i look freaking fantastic in about 10 minutes. screw this pony tail.

    (and i clean my closet out of all the stuff i no longer love every time i go shopping. it’s a self-imposed rule. i have a set amount of space. if it’s not making the cut, it goes.)

  2. Sigh… I knew it was only a matter of time until you threw something REALLY hard my way.

  3. That’s why I love the summer. I love what I call my festival clothes, second hand, hand made, customised mad stuff I love and wear at music festivals. Thing is I feel I have to tone it down ‘out of season’ and at home ’cause others do not fecking get it.

    • if others don’t get it, that’s more their problem than yours!

  4. I LOVE dress-up! Started as a little girl (of course), spent summers at Renn faires as a teen, and acting and bellydancing to round it all out as an adult.

    I actually approach my entire life as a costume party: what can I wear to suit the mood of the day/ theme? Mostly that’s colorful, kooky outfits (slightly less so in winter because it’s more difficult to find really warm clothes in awesome colors, but I do my best and I’m getting better at layering the longer I live up here).

    The one treat I really really want? A corset. I’ve been hesitating for awhile because the colorful clothes are fairly normal(ish), but wearing a corset just screams LARP! (I bought a corset style belt to see if I could ease into it, but it didn’t hold up to my plentitude.)

    Time to bring out the LARP in me!

    PS: this is my action-hero theme and one of my favorite videos ever. I’m not actually into cosplay or larp — well, not really — but these are my heart-peeps. Raise Your Glass by Cosplay Fever:

    “all my dirty little freaks..” :-)

    • I got my first corset last year. I think I was at a pirate gathering of some sort. LOL. All the girls walking around in them and finally I couldn’t help myself. I love it!

  5. Ok, got another way I can participate in this? Because I am stuck. I like nothing in my closet but I can’t get rid of anything because there is no money to replace anything with at the moment..not even goodwill priced stuff. Other things are higher on the list. Maybe I can file this one and complete it another time. ;)

    • I’ve noticed on pinterest they have ways to repurpose old Tshirts into things like wraps, shawls, new shirts…lots of things! There’s a way to do this without spending money. Even if you pin things that you love but just can’t afford, it’s still really inspirational to dream and develop a plan. Let me know if you need to be invited to pinterest!

      • Ok, so after I posted I got brave and just decided to thin out the closet! Some things are in the good will box and one shirt is at the sewing machine waiting to be transformed into a headband. I am a pinterest addict and have a my style board. Most of the items are just polyvores that have a few items that I like. I will be scouting out some other inspirational ideas. Thanks!!! :)

  6. Leah Burke /

    my hubby decided to clean out his side of the closet today without any nudging or prompting. Did he get this vibe from you?!!? Not so sure but I love it! Maybe I’ll have to follow suit…again. I clean out things ALL.The.TIME! It’s so refreshing.

  7. You weren’t kidding. I threw out all my threadbare, washing 100 times too many, 3 sizes too big clothes that I kept around because it meant I didn’t have to spend money buying anything new.

    But now that they’re gone, and I actually was nice to myself and went out and bought a bunch of things I like, that fit. HOLY SHIT

    outside = inside = about time

  8. Taser Man /

    I hit a snag on this one. Once I started looking for Superhero Clothes, I realized that I often feel more badass naked. I have some desire for slightly-more-badass-than-I-already-own tanker boots, but that is about it.

    Anyways, I Owe one picture of me in my superhero gear. I may even throw in the tools at the same time.