52 Weeks to a Freeplaylife::Week 9!

A new week, a new challenge!

I’m heading off to host a hoopenanny in Austin with a bunch of rad bitches, and then going straight to find out what trouble I can get into walking around 6th Street with some great shoes and a hula hoop. But before I go, I wanted to post the focus of this week’s challenge–something that follows this month’s theme of opening up and creating space in your life. Last week you stopped apologizing…if you feel so inclined you may start saying “i’m sorry” again without a dollar penalty into your stash jar. I hope that you stay really aware of the things you automatically accept responsibility for, though, and release anything that really has nothing to do with you.

This week we’re all going to literally clear space in the space around us…Our physical space…in a little challenge called:


Each day, pick an area/drawer/closet/cabinet, and clean it out of one bag’s worth of stuff to throw away/give away/get out of your house. The size of the bag depends totally on you. It can be a ziploc baggie, or a gallon sized (or bigger!) trash bag. Just pick an area, pick a size bag, and get ‘er done!

Failure to remove a bag of stuff from your house is $1 in your stash jar! As in, it has to be physically out of your house THAT DAY. Think less, do more. Pick it up and get it out! Or, as the marines would say, “MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!”

Good luck, and I’ll check back in tomorrow to see how you’re doing and how much you have accumulated in your stash jar so far!



  1. Ooh, this is my favorite kind of challenge! Except when it comes to dealing with piles of paperwork. Begone, paperwork!!!

  2. This is perfect timing as we just sold our house :)

  3. got amvets coming tomorrow!

  4. I love this… mostly because I just got rid of a shit-load of stuff and that means I can go back and find the apologizing post that I missed… and figure out wtf is going on that made it possible for me to miss it ;) YAY for clearing space… I’m sad that it took putting our house on the market for me to do the “de-cluttering” that my heart’s yearned for, for years… but better late than never. It’s fabulous to walk into my home and be able to breathe! and relax. and enjoy. xoxo

    • I went thru the de-cluttering last year for putting my house on the market…it consisted of me packing up my clutter…so now I have boxes upon boxes of “stuff”. Haven’t sold the house, and now I need to start to de-clutter the boxes!

  5. This has been an awesome challenge. I have cleared out more than 7 bags of stuff. Went through our bathroom cabinets, closets, out-of-season clothes, board games and puzzles, and I can’t remember what else right now. Being that we just sold our house and I started packing really helps things ;)

  6. Did it. Skipped to the charity shop with nine bags. I’m continuing with the not saying sorry all the time. My all time low? Catching myself apologising to the company that stole my son’s bike…wtf? Next time they came round (it’s the electric company) I wasn’t quite so understanding and guess what….we’re getting a replacement. Ok, so I did threaten them with the police this time but the end result is a new bike for ma boy and some douch bag who stole a 7 year olds bike gets a bollocking….happy days!!!


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