Freeplaylife Challenge::Week 21!

Bryan Adams had his “Summer of ’69.”
The hippies had their “Summer of Love.”
We’re going to have a Summer of “Just Because.”

The next 3 months are devoted to “Because I Wanted To!” and “I’m Doing It Just For Fun!” I love all the seasons, each in their own way, but Summer is my all time favorite. Summer means that the weather wont stand in the way of anything. It’s not too cold, rainy, or windy. It may be too hot, but that’s what bathing suits and lakes are for. The days are extra long, allowing for even more time to do whatever the fuck. Fruits and veggies are plentiful, grills are fired up all across the land, and chances are a body of water is within driving distance. Ah, Summer, you complete me!

This year we are all going to collectively harness the awesome power of fun and easy living that this season gives to us…really focus on making it incredible. A big part of that is the ability to do things ‘just because’. There is a correlation between creating lifelong memories of awesome and doing things “just for fun”. Usually the more frivolous and nonsensical your choice is, the more noteworthy and fun it is. Sadly, there is also a correlation to this particular society’s notion of growing up and becoming mature and doing things because they make sense. The more reasonable your choices are, the more adult you appear.

For the challenge this week, I want you to do something every day just for the hell of it. I don’t want it to make sense, or have much more reason to do it besides that you wanted to. I’m not suggesting that EVERYTHING you do be like this…that would be mayhem. A fun, crazy, chaotic mayhem, obviously, but extreme. No, no, all I need to be happy (and all you need to feel awesome) is just one or two things a day this week.

Ice cream for lunch? Do it!
Chalk and bubble party outside in the middle of the night with the kids? Do it!
Late night movie or you tube marathon? Yes!

Or, whatever it is that suits you and your kids. Those are just some of the things we’ve done over here.

I also longboarded 15 miles…from Long Beach to Huntington Beach…just for the hell of it. It took about 12 hours from start to finish. I didn’t know how to longboard when I started, so it really made no sense to even try. But you know what? I wanted to, and the opportunity was there, and everything worked out, and it was a great day, and I’ll never forget it. It was epic. I want my entire summer this year to be just like that. Crazy and epic and just because!

I want that for you, too, so join in on the challenge and start doing epic shit because you want to. Because it’s fun. Just because!



  1. I’ve always wanted to learn how to skateboard… I think I’ll start there.

  2. I sat around and watched movies, t.v. and read books yesterday. Because. I wanted to do that. That’s it.

  3. I love love love love your blog :)

    This one will really be a challenge for me. I dont remember the last time i did something for no reason. :O I’ll be lucky if i manage to come up with one random thing for the whole week! Maybe i’ll dye my hair! :)


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