Make Panties Into A Sports Bra in One Easy Step

Hi, my name is Tiffani, and we’re about to have a panty party up in this blog!

so grab yourself a pink panty martini (or perhaps a pink silk panty martini? Or maybe you prefer red panty martini’s instead?) and lets get this party started!

What You Need

pair of new, full back panties size L or XL (because otherwise, if they’re used…ewwwww). No thongs, or there will be no place for your boobs to go!
pair of scissors
a sense of whimsy
a panty martini

What You Do

Take the scissors and cut straight up the crotch, halfway to the waistband.
Turn panties upside down, which is now right side up.
Stick your head through the hole in the crotch. (I really hope I’m the first person to say that to you. If not, then y’all are much more frisky than I’d imagined!)
The front of your new camisole/sports bra is the back of the panties, with the front of them now forming a racerback across your back.


I did this on a whim, not thinking it would work out so great but seeing it in action on one of my favorite twirly girls, Ann. She wore hers at Burning Man, I wondered if I could make one that could be worn in public. Here’s what I discovered…

panties sized M automatically showed a great deal of underboob. So go for size L or XL.
pick a pair that have a thick lacy waistband, as that tends to grab and stretch to fit your body better, and keep the underboob at bay.
If you snip into a pair and discover the panties are too small, you haven’t ruined anything…you’ve just made yourself some crotchless panties (hey hey!)
it’s great to have a small chest for these, because the support is minimal and not so much a sports bra for larger chests. Although I just got a text from a friend with much much bigger boobs and she loves her new panty camisole!
They’re really comfy! Soft, stretchy, and you can get a lot more patterns from panties than from traditional camisoles.
I hooped around to see if I could move without under or side boob popping out, and it’s totally doable!

In fact, I’m going to rock my new panty shirt at the F*ck Yeah music festival this weekend, and I doubt anyone will know the origin of it unless I spill the beans. Which I totally will in an uncomfortably inappropriate kind of way. (“Hi! Guess what? I just made my top! From a pair of PANTIES!!!!”)

Incidentally, this is probably the closest I’ll get to having anything pinterest worthy…so go ahead…pin away, bwahahaha.

Try it! Pick up a pair of $5 panties from Target and get snipping! Let me know what you think!



  1. Linda /

    Very cool idea, but I’m wondering if the cut, unfinished edges are going to fray when you wash them? Let us know!

  2. angie /

    We haven’t met (we have a mutual friend though) but I’m another unschooling mama who will be going crazy at FYF this weekend too! I promise not to tell your pantie secret if I spot you. Unless its very late and I’m drunk, then I might make a very loud inappropriate joke about it.

    • omg, Angie, we must meet. I’m going there alone…email me your number if you get this! tiffbear @

  3. Robin /

    Hmmm… we used to call them pink pantry droppers back in high school.

    • I think that’s a much better name for them, actually!