Googly Eye Bombing In Full Effect.

I have a little under two weeks to get my ass (and my kids’ asses) to Colorado. Now is the time when I enter into the 7th circle of moving hell: absolute panic and despair. I abandoned hope a couple circles ago, probably at the point when I faced two storage spaces full of stuff to go through. I’ve moved a lot over the last 20 years, but the last couple times have been exponentially more difficult. This time, I’ll be amazed if I make it out 1) sane, or even 2) alive.

Going through boxes has unearthed a lot of things we’d forgotten we had, and this week we found a huge stash of googly eyes. While I’ve been neglecting my kids in favor of stacks of boxes, they have been googly eye bombing the house (again).

Finding googly eyed decorated items is the highlight of my day.




I also discovered that if googly eyes are put on delicious food, like cookies, you don’t want to eat it anymore. There’s just something so wrong about eating pastries that are looking at you.

We haven’t found the labelmaker yet, but I hope we do. There is nothing better than setting kids loose with the unlimited power to label anything they see with whatever phrase they want. The last time that happened, everything (including the dog and each other and every square foot of the house) was tagged and labeled. Hilarity ensued.

Ah, these kids. Sometimes I entertain them. And sometimes, like now, they entertain me. They’re my lifeline at a time like this.

Thank heavens for them and the googly eyes they wield with wild abandon!



  1. Wow, you’re moving to Colorado? After reading your last post about hooping, I was going to suggest that you teach a class if you were ever in the area! I don’t even own a hoop, but I’ve really been wanting to give it a try. You seem like you would be a great teacher :) My family and I moved to Colorado a year ago and hope I never have to move again. Although it is kind of like giving birth, once you get through the painful part, you kind of forget the intensity of it. Best of luck in the coming weeks!!

  2. Way too much cuteness!

    Hope you’re surviving the packing… Is this the last move for a while?